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We have been operating since 2016, and in both Janów and Rzeszów, we always have a wide selection of sandwich panels in stock.

We encourage you to explore our offer. If needed, the specialists at STAL TECH Ltd. are available to provide advice and assistance.

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PIR Soft Insulation Boards

a way to ensure excellent insulation for many years.

Wall Sandwich Panel with Visible Connector PWS-S

used for constructing internal partitions and external walls.

Roof Sandwich Panel PWS-D

is an excellent choice for roof structures and coverings.

Roof Sandwich Panels PW PUR-D, PW PIR-D

are specifically designed for roofing in both single-span and multi-span frame constructions.

Roof Sandwich Panel PWW-D

is characterized by a high fire classification, making it an excellent choice for buildings with increased fire protection requirements.

Wall Sandwich Panel PWW-S

is ideal for constructing commercial, office, and sports facilities.

Wall Sandwich Panel with Visible Connector PUR-S, PW PIR-S

are successfully used for constructing external and internal walls.

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